Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach Trip Round 2

We are a bit late on saying Happy Fourth of July but here is our patriotic family:

Our extended family went to the beach for the first week of July. It rained a good bit, but did not diminish our good times. We still managed to have Little One in the pool every day but 1! She loves the water and continues to put her face in it. My brothers and husband were crazy enough to brave the waves and threat of oil.

Little One has been in shock since we have been home as she does not have all of her Unkies and Aunt A around to make her laugh, dance for her, and feed her. She did start crawling right when we came back home and has started getting into all the cabinets. Life is getting crazier around here!

Dinner with the Family (Louis, Louis)

One thing I love about vacation is the food. You are able to eat out and Honey and Pappy usually pay! The dad made an amazing shrimp/pasta dish too. We ate quite well!

The Boys in the Gulf

We were able to see Great Aunts, Great Uncles, Great-Grandmas, and cousins. We love spending time with our huge family. We are so blessed by their generosity. Thank you!!

Yummy Cookies from sweet A
(Little One did not get to enjoy yet!)

Once we hit the road, Little One was ready for her own bed. She loved the beach and cannot wait until she returns next summer!

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