Thursday, August 8, 2013

A One-der-ful Year in the Life of A Boy

   He is officially "one" tomorrow, this first grandson of ours. He is a charmer from his head to his toes. I wondered when he made his debut if I would love him as much as I had my first two grandchildren. But of course, God does that marvelous thing in our hearts when the love is divides and multiplies and runs over until the cup of love is filled to the brim!
Welcome to the world, little boy! 
Here I am chilling out under the warming lights, and I am not even one hour old!
That's my Dad there with a good grip on me. I already love that man.
Here is my Momma getting me ready for my first bath!
Ahh...I love it when she talks to me like that
Worn out and ready for my nap!
My Daddy rocks my world! 

Here I am meeting all of my Nonna's friends and being introduced to some
very important people at my Sip-n-See
Too bad I slept through the entire thing...
Now that I am waking up to life, I can tell you that I have fallen in love with my Big Sister. 

 Mom thinks it's possible that I might have a future as a comedian.
Check out my facial expressions

Here I am all decked out for Christmas! I love playing with Dad. 
He does fun stuff like throwing me up in the air.
Nonna has to look the other way.
Did I mention that I love my Momma?! 

Mom and Dad left me with Nonna and Pappy when they went out of town for a little vacation.
Don't tell anybody, but things happen at Nonna's house.
 Like getting licked all over by Wilson, the dog.

And now for a random fact:
Did you know that the paper at the pediatrician's office tastes good?
Sissy and I like to ham it up for the camera and for our amazing photographer, Katherine Holly.
Here I am getting worried that they might leave me up here all alone...
with that ratty ole bear

 It's amazing all of the changes a year can bring.
I can already crawl like greased lightning and stand on my own.
 I am starting to talk and can call a few folks by name.
I finally got some teeth (I am up to four).
I love to laugh, am ticklish, and like to make funny faces.
 Oh, and occasionally I like to rock a natural mohawk!
See what I mean?
My special day is off to a great start. Hope yours is too!

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