Monday, May 13, 2013

Family Celebration: The Wedding!

    After a wet, cold and rainy week, the day of the wedding finally arrived. We awakened to clear blue skies with nary a cloud in sight. It was as though the Lord crowned the day with absolute splendor just for the couple, Morgan and Harper. It was a bit nippy, to be sure, after the sun went down but that only helped things heat up on the dance floor.
   Here's the happy couple...
Photo: Yesterday I had the honor of documenting this amazing couples wedding day.. The day went off without a hitch, and the reception was the biggest party I have EVER seen.. These people had some moves.. It was a blast from start to finish!! I was downloading the images and just had to share one of this amazing couple.. <3 my job!!! 

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Need a ride anyone?

These wreaths on the doors of the church smelled heavenly!

It's a good idea to dispense programs and have guests sign the guestbook outside the church
My sweet sister, the Mother of the Groom.
I love that when she laughs or grins it appears that her eyes
are closed. It's a family trait we share.

Pew markers were kept sweet and simple
Little One and her momma waiting for the wedding to begin
Altar flowers
 The gorgeous lake that was the backdrop for the reception
White lanterns hung from many of the trees
Tulip and flowering branch arrangement for the serving tables. There were four serving
tables, which helped prevent long lines when the meal was served.
The food included shrimp and grits, assorted breads,
 pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables, salad, and a fingerling rosemary potato bar.
When guests arrived, they were greeted with the couple's special drink: a Roehm-a-Rita!
This is one of three different table arrangements. The food and flowers were
courtesy of Celestine's Special Occasions of South Walton. 

Lovely pink peonies cascaded down the cake (by Tanis of Panama City),
but my favorite is the touch of whimsy provided by the
flower filled mercury vases hanging in the tree.
Yes, the groom graduated from Auburn, but I think his first words
were "Go Gators." No one was surprised to see this camo
Gator hat front and center on his cake.

My all-time favorite appetizer EVER, created just for this wedding:
A fried green tomato topped with mac-n-cheese. Garnished with
rosemary and tomato/onion relish. Can we say DIVINE?!

The two lovely Annies.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful post. Now I want to try one of those fried green tomato appetizers. Cindy looks fabulous! What a great dress and smile! Very happy for the couple :)


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