Thursday, March 28, 2013

These Sure Aren't Cheap Cheap

    Cheep. Cheep. Little One gently patted the little biddie that the salesperson held ever so carefully in his large hand. The baby chick rapidly blinked his eyes and peeped up a storm. Even though we both smelled the odor the moment we hit the door of the Tractor Supply store, I found myself intrigued. As a dreamer and investigator by nature, I am always drawn to the novelty of new and challenging experiences. Raising chickens in suburbia. It crossed my mind. I have watched with interest and a little trepidation as the fresh egg movement has taken our area by storm.
    Friends have succumbed. And then my Baby Sister and her husband got in on the act (admittedly they live on a farm). Then they sent my granddaughter a video of their adorable biddies. I felt myself swaying. But then I stopped that crazy mad rush of thoughts and rationally considered the idea. Chickens have to be fed every single day. You can't board chickens when you travel. And I don't really like eggs, a relatively important factor. Finally, I took another good whiff in the Tractor Supply store. Then I sashayed my fanny right past the warmers, feeding troughs, water bottles, and shelves stuffed with chicken feed. Sigh. I'll just keep buying The Husband brown eggs in the grocery store and pretending they are as good as the real thing.
    But for all you chicken loving folks out there and a few of us chicken dreaming folks, here are some lovely accommodations for those little peepers. Warning: Building one of these will not be cheap.Can I get a cheep? Anybiddie? (I just couldn't resist...)

Here is Velvet and Linen's coop at her former home: about this chicken castle? Definitely not a coop.

Source: Marsha on Pinterest

And this is the crooked little house....

This one is vaguely reminiscent of an outhouse

And this one a chicken church. How about "The Church of the Good Egg?"

I call this the Chicken Pavilion

And this is Coop de French Chateau...for sale through none other than Neiman Marcus

And how about this take on gothic architecture, complete with lightning rods.
You wouldn't want those chickens to get fried...yet!
Source: Margy on Pinterest

And here is an eco friendly option. You could use the chicken manure to fertilize the roof top garden. The plants will help regulate the temperatures and keep the building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You could grow herbs or small veggies and complete the cycle.

Then there is the option to upcycle that old dresser that you don't really use any more

The Thatched Coop. Wow. It makes an architectural statement.
Another benefit:  If you run out of chicken feed...
they can just eat you out of their own house and home...
Source: viaJudy on Pinterest

What? The chicken that laid an egg...

Bilbo Baggins might snag this gem

And finally, have coop will travel...

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  1. Oh, You made me laugh out loud!!! You would be the laughing stock of your neighborhood! My chicken coop is so fundamental and basic compared to your pictures! It is a "real" farmers coop! :) I'm glad you got over your desire to do this, as the biddies do grow up quickly and the smell grows with them! :) Love you!


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