Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!

     The Daughter-in-Law and Son have come down with the throw-up bug. Could there be anything worse than having a throw-up bug on a holiday while you also have to take care of a baby who doesn't understand that her parents are sick? No worries. Nonna and Pappy have jumped on our horses and ridden to the rescue.
   In spite of the fact that we feel very sorry for the parents, we are having the best little play-date imaginable with one very adorable Little Two. She is now officially cruising so we have been watching her navigate and pull up on various pieces of furniture in the family room. She is still at the cautious stage, but I doubt that will last for long. She has also wasted a lot of energy trying to corner our Cavalier, Wilson, but so far he is only playing mouse to her cat which makes her laugh all the more.
   Thankfully, we have successfully worn her out and she is now down and out for the count. Don't tell anyone, but Pappy and Nonna are about to be down and out for the count, as well!
Here is Miss Cuteness herself!


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