Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Something Old Becomes Something New

  Back in the day (that would be the seventies, ladies) brides wore these lovely contraptions known as "headpieces." They were important because the wedding veil with all of its layers was attached to them. Headpieces came in a variety of styles. Mine was relatively plain as far as 1970's headpieces go and featured clusters of tiny seed pearls accented with lace. Of course I saved it. When my own daughter married, I didn't even bring up the question of the headpiece and the veil. I mean, what was the point? I already knew the answer. The Daughter wanted something that would coordinate with her dress. And she was right, of course. So The Husband and I ponied up the money for the dress and the veil that the only daughter wanted. I was somewhat mollified when I learned that her veil actually had a name, Sound of Music. Since that is my favorite movie, it made me feel a little better about spending all of that $$$ on a veil.
   When my niece married, my sister came up with a genius idea. She took her own 1970's headpiece and transformed it into a ring-bearer's pillow. You won't believe it until you see it, but it's absolutely gorgeous. So, I am showing you a picture of my headpiece and my sister's transformed-into-a-pillow headpiece to give you an idea of what is possible.
   So all you aging women who were young once, dig out your wedding headpiece and have a little fun. You might be surprised what you can create. This is taking recycling to a new level!
My wedding headpiece and veil
Circa 1974

My sister's wedding headpiece (Circa 1976)
transformed into a beautiful pillow!
Another view!
   Don't be afraid to use your scissors. The curved frame of the headpiece was cut in two and then shaped around the square pillow form. As you can see above, it even overlaps the pillow form on the sides. The divided form actually adds substance to the pillow and makes it easy to grasp or carry. The bow in the center fills the gap where the two sides of the headpiece were joined together and provides a soft sweet touch. You could probably get by with using a glue gun if you don't want to drag out the sewing machine. I like projects that don't turn out to be too difficult, even if I always end up with a few glue burns on my fingers!


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