Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do Yourself A Favor and Click the Button

   I don't usually forward you from my little corner of the blog world to another, but I am making an exception this time. I hope you will trust me on this, because a blessing awaits you. You will also need to allow yourself some time. Probably about 10 minutes if you read quickly, but I would recommend adding a bit more so that you can soak it all in. So find a quiet corner and get yourself ready.
   This is a God story. A big God story. And I want you to share in the wonder of it all. So double-click on the link below, sit back and give my friend Lindsey your ear.

                  And They Say God Doesn't do Miracles, This Might Just Change Your Mind 

This is the banner for Lindsay's blog:


  1. This was so good! Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow! How good is our GOD! I have seen redemption in my own life so many times. He IS faithful. Thank you for sharing this story. Love you!


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