Friday, June 24, 2011

Every Girl Needs A Pair

   They must be the toddler idea of Jimmy Choos. Little One took one look at these beauties and just had to put them on her feet. Never mind that they are at least three sizes too big. She was working it.
   And I have it on good authority that when Little One has outgrown them, Little Two is next in line. It's a fact that she is already wild about pink (check out her outfit). And who doesn't love a good pair of cowboy boots, and pink ones at that. Toddlers know that pink goes with everything.

Little Two can't wait!


  1. Made my day! Bring them on down and we'll put them on their first HORSE in those beautiful pink boots! They are not so "novel" around here! LOL

  2. Love this!!! You know how I feel about shoes!


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