Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buyer Beware

   We all know that grandmothers buy things. It's part of our instinctive nature. We literally cannot help ourselves. And being the grandmothers that we are, we win a few and we lose a few. This is not my tale of woe. It is my sister's. But we are both grandmothers. And I am just as likely to make the same mistake as she so I offer this caveat on her behalf:  Do not buy this product. Maybe I should clarify myself further. ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER should you purchase this product. Trust me when I say you will regret it.
Never mind that it's a name you thought you could trust: CRAYOLA. This one is worse than a dud. It's a bomb. A blue bomb. And here's the proof.
  And no, my niece and nephew are not genetically disposed to having blue skin. They are not Smurfs. They are normally beautiful and delightful children. The "gift" of Washable (NOT) Crayola Colored Bubbles from their grandmother turned out to be a disaster. And hopefully one that you want to avoid. All I can say is that it's a good thing that their mother, my niece, is a very good sport. She did not mind scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing some more. I daresay her children are the cleanest that they have been in a long time. But if you look carefully behind their ears, you just might see a tiny trace of blue.
   My sister, the grandmother, has apologized profusely. She will be scrubbing the children and the tub if she ever does this again. Even if she has to go all the way to Germany to do it.


  1. I had already been warned about these! When Jim and I were shopping for little surprises for Miss A last month he picked those up and I forcefully insisted he put them back. Though I act like I'm right all the time, there are occasions it actually happens. : )

  2. Wow!! That is HIGH-larious!!
    Smurfs take over the tub part 1! let's hope there is no sequel...that looks like my nightmare.
    That poor tub is going to need counseling after that kind of beating!


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