Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Art of Drinking Out of the Hose

     It doesn't take much. Just a bucket, a couple of sponges, a squirt or two of dish soap, plus a scrub brush and a water hose that is continuously running. That was the entertainment du jour for Little One today. I prepped The Daughter by telling her that we were going outside and that we would more than likely get wet. Correct that, we would get soaked. But Little One was game and so was I. With bucket in hand, we set ourselves up on the porch where we scrubbed the outside of the windows and the window sills until they were squeaky clean. Then we watered the ferns so much that they were positively glowing, and finally, we spilled soap and suds over and on nearly everything in sight. But we had fun. And we were entertained. And it was cheap. I figured the cost of the water we bathed ourselves in on the porch was just pennies. And besides, the fig tree got all the run-off, so we are ensuring a happy harvest in a month or so.
   Furthermore, I am most happy to report that Little One has also now mastered the art of drinking out of the hose. This is an important life skill. Little One comes from a long line of women folks who love nothing better than to turn on the hose and squirt water directly into their mouths. The tradition began with Little One's great-great grandmother Lou Lou and over the years has been modified to become an art form.  It also serves its purpose. And nothing tastes better in the world that clear, cold running water from a hose pipe. Especially if one is hot or thirsty. And scrubbing on a porch is hard work, let me tell you. Little One would agree. See for yourself.

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