Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cooling Off

   It has been horrifically hot here in Nashvegas the past week, and I surely hope it is not a portent of things to come. The minute you walk outside, you are hit by a furnace-like blast of hot air. With this heat wave, we have broken records that have been around since the 1890's. Today as I left suburbia and drove into the city to Little One's house, it almost looked as if the downtown buildings were bathed in fog, but it was something they call an air inversion, a decidedly upscale word for "smog." I confess all of this has me a little worried because it's only the first week of June.
   However, Little One and I found the perfect way to beat the heat. I knew this sale purchase from last year would come in handy, and boy, was I was right. The best part was that the next door neighbor came over for a bit, and we shared a late afternoon glass of wine as we watched Little One splash, kick, and squeal her way through to the end of a very warm day!

 Accompanied by this day's end:

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  1. I feel like I am looking back 28 years ago when I came to Nashville with my son in tow and we played and visited. Little One is the exact "replica" of her mother! What a beautiful and precious sight to behold! Grandchildren are INDEED God's reward for growing old and reminding us the "we did a good job" with their parents! HUGS and LOVE to you!


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