Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Both Had Fun

   Today was a day for Little One, but yesterday was mine. We both loved our respective days. I know. She could not stop talking about hers, and I could not stop admiring mine! She loved the bunnies, and I love the lilies. I think we are both Easter girls. Here's the shake-down.
      This is the bunny house. It is where the bunnies in Nashville live before Easter. I don't know where they live after that, and I don't think I want to know. Their home for now has several levels and has a roof that vaguely resembles what must be a Southern rendition of a Pagoda. Each year the toy store hires an architect who designs the bunnies' living quarters around a specific theme. One year they were hillbilly bunnies and they had a jalopy, a still, and an outhouse in the enclosure. Go figure. I have no idea who thought that one up. It's a good thing the bunnies are largely oblivious; otherwise they might boycott or go on strike. However, right now they are living a pretty good life. There is plenty of bunny food, plenty of fresh water, and lots and lots of cedar wood chips. This lovely abode resides inside the famous Phillips Toy Mart which has been in business longer than my husband has been alive. I know because my mother-in-law told me so. Santa Claus purportedly had special arrangements with Phillips Toy Mart when my husband was a little boy and he had the same arrangement with us when my own children were young. It must be a generational thing which is probably why the Phillips family are still in business despite the competition with larger chain stores.
       But back to the bunnies. I could not get any direct shots of Little One because she would not turn her head away from the bunnies. She was fixated on them, practically hypnotized by them.  Thankfully, they are behind a little wire fence that is lined with plexiglass. Good thing. Otherwise, she might have poked a few to death. Goodness knows she tried. Little One is also a climber, and she tried with all of her might to breach that fence, but I do have to hand it to the architects. It is not designed for toddlers to scale, even determined toddlers. So she simply stood and talked to the bunnies in her toddler talk for what seemed like forever. It was adorable. And then for the next five hours, I heard all about the bunnies and the wabbits over and over again. I think it was a hit. We are already planning our trip for next year and can't wait to see what the design for the bunny theme park will be.

      My own special day involved flowers. No, nobody sent me flowers, I bought them at the grocery store. That's right, the grocery store. And then I came home and arranged them. All right, the vase with the lilies basically arranged itself, but I did arrange the other flowers in the low silver bowl. It made me happy. Ridiculously happy. I am a far-cry from a floral designer, but I love piddling with flowers. And who can go wrong with lilies...they are one of God's most glorious gifts to the earth!

   So I guess Little One and Nonna each had a little taste of heaven this week. We are definitely happy girls.
Just thought you might want to know.

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