Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Pretties

   When you see these pictures, you might be tempted to think that we had a lovely delightful Easter. We did. But that's not the whole story. It was chaotic. There were people everywhere. All over my house. And the food. Oh my goodness, we could have fed an army. Or at least an entire battalion. And it was all good. Very good. And the best part is that everyone who came brought something to put on the table. And I used paper plates. You may have read my previous post about my the gift my husband gave me. The kitchen clean-up. I am still marveling over that one. I keep telling him that he has set the bar very high. Hoping that he will get my drift. But I don't want to get greedy...I want to savor the sacrifice of love that he offered to me this year.
  But back to Easter. And our happy, crazy, loud family. With eight children and innumerable adults, there was lots happening. And for Little Two, lots that was not happening. My son and daughter-in-law were determined that a very tired Little Two needed to take a nap, but an equally determined Little Two had other ideas. She made it plain to anyone who was listening that she is her father's daughter...translate that...she is a party animal...and napping was not part of her agenda for Easter. Guess who won the battle? You guessed it...Little Two, of course.
   Here are some pictures of the Easter decor. Lord willing and the creek don't rise (and unfortunately, it is rising), I will post additional pictures of the hordes otherwise known as family that were there to celebrate the Risen Lord.
Front door replete with "Resurrection Ribbons"
Main Dining Table (Note the Paper Placements...Thanks, Caspari)
Main Table Centerpiece
Outdoor Table Decor
Chick and Eggs
Close-up of Children's Table
Long-view of Children's Tables

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