Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Tisket A Tasket

   I didn't buy a green and yellow basket, but they probably had one, that's for sure. The husband and I had our first "Ikea" experience today. Friends had tried to prepare me, but I was still overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all. We ate breakfast there...which was surprisingly better than decent for all of the $1.99 we paid for it and the coffee was a step up from Starbucks. Rich, intense, flavorful and hot. I would definitely go back for the cup of coffee served in a real bona fide tall china mug, but of course that's not the only draw. We spent an hour browsing and filled our big yellow bags up with a few little goodies. I was excited when we checked out that the sticker shock was practically non-existent. We made it out of there for less than the price of one of our tickets to see Jack Johnson (the real reason for the quick trip to ATL) so the husband was as happy as I and is likely to be willing to accompany me again.
This little baby was a whopping $4.95

And these kitchen staples were a break-the-bank 47 cents...
yep, that's right, you heard it here

     The official reason for our quick trip to Atlanta was the Jack Johnson concert, (he is now officially one of my faves) and even though he may be passe with the younger crowd, he's just right for me. He had moments when he reminded me of Bob Marley, then Jimmy Buffet, and finally Otis Redding. My husband said he even heard a little Santana in there, but I think he's just confused since he went to the Santana concert in ATL a mere two weeks ago and the chords are still rolling around in his head. But back to Jack. I don't know if he's a nice guy, don't really know much about him, but the concert Friday night at Aaron's at Lakewood was one big love fest. The audience sang along with most of the songs and all I needed was a dock and a bay and I would have thought I was in this girl's idea of heaven.

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  1. Jack Johnson's "Better Together" is our song, and the theme for our wedding and vows. We looooooooooove him!


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