Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh Baby!

   The Daughter and a few crafty friends hosted a darling baby shower on Saturday for a dear friend of theirs who is expecting her first baby, a little boy. To tell you the truth, they put me and my friends to shame! The decor was lovely, the food delectable, and the joy overflowing. To boot one of the hostesses is a marvelous photographer (she also made the blue and white mobiles that graced the dining room table) as you can tell by the way that she captured each special moment. Kudos to the next generation. They do it and do it well. All photos but one are courtesy of Also, you might want to check out hostess Catherine Clement's Etsy Shop where she sells delightfully rendered objet d'art.

These little diaper shirts are a "retro" touch; The Daughter copied the ones
I had saved from my own baby shower 33 years ago!


  1. Was that my cookie recipe she used???? :)

  2. Did she use my cookie recipe???? :)


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