Friday, August 27, 2010

Dogs and Work

Little One is having a great summer. She is so thankful for the change (hopefully it will stay) in temperature. Little One is enjoying walking with her push toy, exploring all of the cabinets in the kitchen, roaming the house for new adventures and shaking her head to music. She has been cruising for a few weeks. Our lives are changing so fast! She loves her Coaltrain CD and usually insists upon it being played during trips around town.

We continue to love visiting our grandparents and receive all kinds of love from our family and friends. We are truly blessed. We do not have any pictures posted of Little One with the infamous grand-family dogs known as Wilson or Phoebe MacKenzie (Little One calls all dogs BeBe), but we do have some shots with Roger and some dear friends.

Little One wanted to make sure Roger feels loved.

Little One was not too happy to leave Roger.

I also had to throw in the random picture with Daddy at work. We made a quick visit to take him lunch and to see all of the O-H employees. They are some of our favorite people to check in on and of course we love getting to sit with Daddy and Pa Poag.

Little One turned 10 months yesterday, but I haven't taken the picture yet. I promise to get that posted sometime in the near future!

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