Thursday, August 26, 2010

Etsy Finds

     I do love a little Etsy every now and then. Even when my pocketbook is empty and brother, is it ever EMPTY this month, I give myself 12 minutes max to find a few goodies to put in my dreaming-that-I-would-love to-have-this box. And since I am slowly but not so surely trying to wean myself away from acquiring more things (anyone who knows me knows I already have so many things or thinga-ma-bobs that I hardly know what to do with them all), the dreaming box serves me well. It keeps me dreaming which is a necessary state of mind for me, and it satisfies that ridiculous hunger that I have to buy more....stuff!
    This is perhaps a bit overused and abused, but I still think I would like to have this little happy hanging above my tub!
     Our summer has been a sweat box! Needless to say, I am looking forward to the advent of cooler weather. These make me smile just thinking about days when it might be cold enough to pull these on!
    And when I am decked out in these fun hand-warmers, I can just envision these pretties dangling from my ears.

     Finally, the humidity took a break today, and I actually puttered around in my garden a bit. The herbs are all getting a bit weedy....except for the rosemary bush which has decided that he owns the garden. He reminds me of an old man on a park bench who does not want to share his space with anyone. He's far too big for this bit of frivolity, but I am thinking that Miss Basil, Miss Thyme and Mr. Sage might like these clever garden markers just fine!
   Have a blessed day! I am off to scrub the dirt out from under my fingernails!


  1. Those hand warmers are adorable and it does my heart good to envision that a time will come - even in Nashville - when I want to wrap my hands around a warm mug of hot tea or soup.

  2. I read your post on Jack Johnson earlier today and then found this post on another blog I read. I have been praying for this little boy, Liam, and knew of his love of Jack Johnson. This attests to Jack's kindness

    Please say a prayer for Liam and his family. I do not know that they are believers. He is only 6.

    I enjoy your blog! Jennie


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