Saturday, July 27, 2013

And the Two Shall Become as One

    And the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a companion for him..."
It is a story oft told of a man and a maiden, yet somehow the tale of true love never grows cliche, and we never tire of hearing of the way that deep and abiding love springs up and grows between two souls. These two found their way to one another after a time of suffering and loss. And yet, when you know the way that the LORD God works, it does not seem strange that they were drawn to each other. Each found peace and strength in the other. And as we have watched their story unfold, we, their friends and family, have found encouragement, comfort and joy. God is good!
    And besides, who wouldn't want to travel to a destination wedding on St. John, Virgin Island? Twenty-five adults and five children did just that to watch Julie and Richard pledge their love to one another.
     Their joy is real. And so is ours.
It's a beautiful day for a wedding!
Getting ready for the big day!
Watching the Bride get ready!

 The flowers arrive
The ecru lace came from the Bride's mother's wedding dress.
Later, a Victorian locket was added with her parents' wedding pictures side-by-side.
 The tranquil and secluded beach where the wedding took place
Headed to the area where she will wait as the guests gather, this Bride was happy and relaxed!
 It's almost time!
 The Bride's niece Chloe oh so carefully places the petals on the walkway

 Here comes the Bride!

 Her joy was obvious!

 The Kiss
 "We did it!"

Part II to follow

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