Sunday, July 7, 2013

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

   Raindrops on roses, but definitely not whiskers on kittens...
It's odd the things you think of as some of your favorite things. 
I am naturally drawn to people when I start thinking of things I treasure 
but instead I offer you these things which serve to bring a smile to my face...
on a day when it is much needed.

Lily of the Valley
When we moved into our house twenty-seven years ago, it was August. 
The next spring the flower bed beside my back door was filled with these dark green plants that shot up out of nowhere. 
I had no clue what they were. 
Around Mother's Day, I discovered what the plants were when the fragrance nearly bowled me over. 
I was overcome with joy. I have always loved these exquisite bell-shaped flowers that hang on tiny stems. 

White thick snow that coats the branches and bends the boughs to the earth.

The sound of running water

A wonderful soak in a bathtub

An antique find.

The smell of new mown grass on a spring day.

The first daffodils

Fireflies on a summer's night


Happy tears

Laughing so loud and so long that it hurts.

A shared sunset 
The well-worn patina of vintage linens
vintage linens
A cold drink of water on a hot day
Crunchy ice.

A smooth stone

Pink peonies
Beautiful paper in a good book
Su Blackwell ( turns books into
 art using painstaking skill, and a whole lot of imagination. 
The color and feel of silk.

The smell of a new baby

Cute pose

The softness of old hands.
old hands
There, I feel better already. Don't you?

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  1. Ahhh These are PRECIOUS! and I agree with all of them! I may have added a good cup of coffee with the ones you love, and a great glass or wine, sipped ever so carefully. Great photographs. love this blog!


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