Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little One and Little Two Tell All

As narrated by Little One:
     Nonna always has something up her sleeve. I usually try to go along with her plans. I have learned it makes life easier for everyone. 
     She picked me up one day last week and we went back to her house. I was all dressed up in my Christmas clothes. I have a whole series of outfits that Nonna bought on sale last year and I am dressing up in a different one every day. She is very happy when I wear them. She tells me over and over how cute I look. I agree. I think I do look pretty cute.
 Today we made Christmas cookies. It's a tradition. 
I had a lot of fun. Nonna is not one of those neat cooks. 
She always makes a big mess in the kitchen so she doesn't care if I make a big mess either. 
We had flour everywhere. Flour on our hands. Flour on our noses. Even flour on our toeses. 
Nonna laughed really loud when I said that. 

 I am really good at rolling out the dough. 
I put the flour on the rolling pin and roll it around and then I press it down real good with my hands. Then I pick out the cookie cutter I like and press press press it into the dough. 
Then Nonna has to figure out how to scrape it up and put it on the pan. 'She's pretty good at that. Then we shake the sprinkles. I really like that part. 
I shook the jar so hard I used up all the red sprinkles. Nonna just laughed.
I have my technique perfected at this point.
I'm also pretty good at posing, too!

Here is Nonna trying to help me get the dough off of the rolling pin. 
Oops, I guess I didn't use enough flour.
 Hurry up and take the picture, please. I need to get back to work.

We are finished with the cookies but I am making my very own doughballs.  
It's a very important job!

Nonna and I also decorated a gingerbread house. I love it. 
She said more gumdrops went into my tummy than on the house, but I'll never tell.

Now it's Little Two's turn

As narrated by Little Two:
     Nonna and Pappy have been talking about taking me to Cheekwood. They want me to see Santa and some live reindeer. I am not really sure about sitting with a stranger named Santa, but I am excited about seeing some reindeer. 
    Here we go. The reindeer are under this tent outside. They are named Comet and Vixen.

 Wow! I like the reindeer. They have big horns called antlers that look so heavy.
I really don't understand why they don't fall over.
 After we see the reindeer we go inside and stand in this line. I am getting a little nervous.
 I would rather go back outside and look at the reindeer again, but nobody is listening to me.
 I kept thinking, "No, no," but Mommy keeps telling me that everything will be okay. 
 I am not buying it.
 This Santa is one smart cookie. He lets me sit in Momma's lap. 
I really didn't know he was there.
 I am not too happy yet, but this lady is trying really really hard to get me to smile.
 I decide to help her out.
 Whew! Glad that is over. Now I get to go see the trains.
 I like the trains a lot more than Santa. A whole lot more. 
The trains and the reindeer are definitely my favorite things. 
Not Santa. I hope somebody got the message.
 Yep, it's been a long day.
 One last picture of me saying cheese and then I am off for a nap.
After all, a girl has to get her beauty sleep.
This is Little One and Little Two signing off. 
We would wish you a Merry Christmas, but I am
sure that you will be seeing us before then!

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