Sunday, December 9, 2012

Celebration Time

    This was a November to remember. As Vanderbilt graduates and longstanding Commodore football fans, 2012 was a season to savor and remember. The crowning achievement was a decisive and memorable victory over the University of Tennessee. Even though we usually find ourselves a somewhat divided household when it comes to sports allegiances, this day it was all about Vandy. The Husband was in the stands the last time that Vanderbilt defeated UT, and it was 30 years ago. A long long time. I guess that it made it even sweeter. He got some great shots but here are a couple of my favorites from that magical day.

It has become a tradition to have our daughter-in-law Annie's family come up every other year to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We've become one big extended happy family, and I look forward to getting the "cousins" together. There's nothing like four little girls to completely take over a playhouse!
The weather was mild enough for everyone to play outside.
I think you might spot a princess or two.
It's important to have a princess at Thanksgiving.
Middle son and his baby girl! 

The next day we all celebrated precious Little Two's second birthday! Her momma had designed the party around a "camping" theme. There were tiny Coleman lantern favors, glow stick necklaces, and a firepit for roasting marshmallows...well supervised by the daddies, of course!

She was telling her daddy that this was fire,
 and she was not allowed near it!

 Enjoying the homemade cake pops!

 Men love an excuse to have a fire...but it's perfect for s'mores!

Time for some girl talk in the yard 

 Little Three joined in on the celebration, but he decided to chill inside with Pappy!

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