Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sip and See for Little Three

    If you are from the South, you have quite possibly heard of a "Sip and See."  This long-standing mostly Southern tradition has morphed into something with a different twist in modern times. In my day, the Sip and See was held in the home of the Bride in the weeks before the wedding so that folks could come and view the wedding gifts in advance of the big day. Now, you most often receive an invitation to a Sip and See to meet a newly arrived little person.
   Some dear friends of ours did just that for Little Three. Friends and family recently gathered on a delightful Sunday afternoon with warm sunshine and a definite hint of fall in the air. To say that the  hostess has a beautiful house is an understatement. Her home is literally layered with beauty. Her taste combines a few contemporary touches with more traditional in a delightful eclectic way that serves to make folks feel right at home. It is lovely but not pretentious. You feel the warmth and the comfort the minute you step in the door. As my daughter-in-law said, "I could just pack a toothbrush and move in."
    The hostesses wisely kept the party simple. Champagne in the cutest little containers you have ever seen. Tiny baby-sized cupcakes from Nashville's vaunted Cupcake Collection. Traditional lemonade and pink lemonade along with coffee, and tea. Perfect. Lovely. Delightful. Need I say more?

 And here's the little man doing what he does best...sleeping through it all. 
It will be a gift that will serve him well in life!

Hostesses with The Daughter and The Mom!

My three girls!

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