Thursday, July 7, 2011

Only Daddy is Allowed

    You might think the way that I carry on that Little One has only the one set of grandparents, but that is just not so.  It's a truly wonderful thing to raise your children in a place where they can spend time with not only grandparents on both sides, but also with aunts and uncles and cousins galore. It means more love, more fun, and more joy to be shared and spread all around.
 There is nothing better than a golf cart full of cousins or some special cousin love.
And who doesn't love a summer afternoon, 
a few shade trees and a good place to sit around.

And when you get families together, sometimes the menfolks have to show off. 
They just cannot seem to help themselves. 
You'll see what I mean in just a minute. 
 It's one of those things that only daddy's are allowed to do, 
and preferably when the momma (in this case The Daughter) is not looking. 
However, I must admit Little One seems none the worse for wear.

I don't know what this pose means.
 I can just tell by the look in his eye that
 the Son-in-Law is up to something. 
Yep. And it involves Little One. 
Oh dear, get ready. 
He's about to do it. 
 I can't look. 

Why am I not surprised that Little One loved it. 
She wanted her daddy to do it again. 
And then again.
I am just glad I wasn't there. 
I probably would have had to chew my tongue raw keeping my mouth shut
or go inside to lie down with a cool rag on my head. 

     The Daughter and Little One seem happy. 

I think I am the only one who is just getting too old for these shenanigans. 

Thanks to YaYa for sharing the photos

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  1. Little One's got good form up there in the air. Maybe she'll a cheerleader or gymnast some day. :-)


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