Saturday, February 16, 2013

Real...a Profound Truth in a Child's Book

  We all know that sometimes the wisest words come from the simplest of places. Thus, it is no surprise that children's books are often filled with indelible truths...truths that stay with you long after the books themselves have been returned to the shelf.
     The Velveteen Rabbit is one such book. It has long been a favorite of mine. My dear Momma gave each of my children a copy one year for Christmas when they were very young, and as I read the book to each child, it became his or her favorite, as well. I cannot wait for the opportunity to share the timeless story with the next generation. I think Little One is just about ready.
    Moreover, at this juncture of my life, I am drawn once again to the poignant story and the wisdom found in this very lovely children's story by Margery Williams.

Source: via Helen on Pinterest

As I have reconsidered Margery Williams' words, the application to my faith journey is obvious. 
The truth is that Real is what my faith is all about. 
Real is The Way that has been made for me.
It began in a manger, revealed its purpose on a cross, and found its victory in an empty tomb.
Real is the gift freely offered to me. 
A gift I can never deserve, but a gift nonetheless.
It is who I am, what I believe that I am becoming and what I long to be.
It is the now, the not yet, the promise of what is to come, and the everlasting.
It is a conundrum. 
Real means having my heart of stone become a heart of flesh.
It means dying to self. 
It means letting go.
It means vulnerability.
And a stripping away of the vain things that charm me most. 
Real means freedom.
It means moving closer and closer and closer to the
loving arms of the Savior.
It means leaning so near to Him that I feel his breath on my face.
It means never wanting to leave His embrace.
No matter what it costs.

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