Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Super Duper Time at the Super Bowl, Part I

    The Husband didn't even notice the power failure at the Super Bowl...he already thought that Beyonce danced the lights out in her half-time show. He only regrets that he and son number three (also known as Bear) were on the wrong side of the field to catch most of the action. However, the action he caught was his pictures will readily testify!

 I don't think he got close enough, do you?

I was also fascinated by some of the pregame activities. 
Can you believe that Rachael Ray fixed a recipe using "Ritz Crackers?"
 I must say that even Greg Gumbel and Shannon Sharp look a bit skeptical. I was in shock at Rachael's culinary choice until I remembered that New Orleans is still the South, 
and Ritz Crackers are a gourmet food choice and de rigueur for tailgating down heah, ya'll.
I'm also gonna bet that there is Velveeta hidden somewhere under that table.
 "What?" Boomer is thinking...
 Clay Matthews gets my vote for best looking pony tail at the Super Bowl
Comb-overs are not my favorite thing...
not to mention that tie.
Chris Berman definitely missed his appointment
with his Super Bowl wardrobe consultant.

Below are Marshall Faulk and Warren Sapp having a little tete-a-tete.

Warren to Marshall: "Wait, you have a hair out of place...your only hair, I might add."

Actually, I think that they are taking pictures of Jennifer Hudson
with their iPhones. I don't blame them.
"No way...." 
Watch out, Warren Sapp, 'cause you are about to get the finger...(not that finger)
the big red finger from Stuart Scott...Booyah!

I'll be back tomorrow with highlights of the game, for those of you who care...

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