Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks for the Memories

    One of my North Carolina cousins recently posted some old family pictures on Facebook. If you look at me then and now, you will know just how old some of these pictures are. We are talking 29 years here. So that puts me under 30. Wow, I cannot even remember that far back. The hair cuts are horrendous as are the clothes, but who cares. I look at the pictures, and I am there. There are no mosquitoes or flies and the heat and humidity are not unbearable. That's what memory does for you. It makes everything look hazy and glorious. I probably didn't realize at the time just how glorious it was. But I do now. I hope that counts for something in God's economy. 
I think The Husband still has that shirt. I, on the other  hand, have no clue what 
that get-up is that I am wearing. Oh, and is anyone surprised that I am talking...
with both my mouth and my hands?!
      Three of my four children are in this picture. The fourth is missing because he is not yet born. 
My dear grandmother is holding The Daughter who is just a couple of months old, my sweet 
Momma is the twin on the far right and my two older sons are standing in front of her. Aren't they precious?! My mother's identical twin is to my her left and my beloved North Carolina aunt is holding my nephew. This picture was taken a whopping 29 years ago. 
           Does anyone remember Underoos? That's what the Oldest Son has on in
this picture. Trust me when I tell you that they were "the thing." The precious boys are now            men who are 33 and 32 years old respectively. Raising rambunctious sons who were
sixteen months apart was certainly not a picnic in the park. Then The Daughter came along and I had three children under four. Those days were was a lot about survival.
However, now I am totally reaping the rewards!!!
This picture nearly brought me to tears. I can get maudlin about memories.
Like I said before, you don't remember the itchy bathing suit, the flies or mosquitoes 
and the nearly unbearable heat. What I do remember is that this was
how we spent nearly every day of the summer. Out under the pin oak trees, catching
what little breeze was available and shooting the breeze ourselves. Endlessly.
There was always time for conversation, there was always a lap to hold
a baby, and there was always a good book to read and good food to eat. 
And the picture below was what we feasted our eyes on day and night.
This view, and the love of family, brought peace like a river to my soul.
It still does.


  1. KW---I just love the way you think....and write....and love....and see things. Is it not just bizarre, and somewhat watch our children go through the things we went through...that almost broke us, and in the end....hardened and molded and strengthened and sensitized us to all that is good and evil? was hard enough to live through it all ourselves, and now we have to watch the next generation struggle with many of the same things. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Andrea B.

  2. Oh to live it all again...I can still smell the bay and the sweet breezes after the rain. Can't you just see the rain coming across the bay and all of us running up the hill "to beat it"! I love that our parents were so generous to keep all of us so close as cousins, sisters, and best of all friends. What a heritage we possess! LOVE you and the precious memories we share.


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