Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some South Carolina Love

   We are back from the Isle of Palms. This is where we stayed.   It was glorious.  It was even nicer than it appeared in the rental agency pictures, if you can believe that?! There were eleven of us on this trip, and we even rattled around in the house a bit. It was THAT big. One of the nicest things about the house is that The Husband and I took the upstairs master. That meant all of our adult children and their children were on another floor. It was genius. And there really were ocean views. Complete with waves. Oh, and an elevator which made hauling groceries up three flights of stairs a piece of cake!

Here are a few of my favorite memories from the week:
Little One just chillin'...check out those shades

Little One and her Pappy
Heading out to catch some waves!
Uncky playing a game of toss with Little One!
Little Two poolside

Little Two proves she's also a beach babe!
Little Two's father insanely showing off his tree climbing skills
 (some boys never seem to grow up!)

Uncle Brother and his "girl"

Little Two and her daddy hitting the beach!
More of this daddy and his girl

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  1. These are great photos! Looks like wonderful memories were made. Your family is beautiful...I love getting to see your sweet granddaughters:) SO sweet!


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