Friday, May 13, 2011

Looking Upward and Forward

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 It's been a long week around here. It was one of those times when life threw me a curve ball. All my perfectly laid plans were suddenly trashed. On Monday, I went down for the count with a freak back injury. What woman doesn't have back issues from time to time? But, I knew this was different when I had to renew my Lamaze breathing techniques after a twenty-four year hiatus. I was literally puffing and blowing my way through the pain, accompanied by some strange yelps that kept unexpectedly coming out of my mouth. I also cried. I don't usually cry when I am physically hurt, just when I am frustrated or emotionally devastated or deliriously happy or deeply touched or ...I think you get the idea. But physical pain does not usually bring me to tears. However, I could not sit. I could not stand. I could not walk. I could not do much of anything. You should try going to the bathroom when you can't bend or squat. There are very few times I have an interest in being a man, but this was one of them. Hair washing went out the window. Toothbrushing became an exercise in contortionism. The normally simple became the difficult. I temporarily quit bathing. But, alas, I did not stop eating. And, thankfully, I kept talking to God, even though it was clear that He and I were having a bit of a difference of opinion.
   Later I was able to see some humor in all of this, but not when I was in the thick of it. Moreover, I am thankful to be alive and well in this modern age. With a lot of ice, now alternating with heat, some physical therapy that included (Ahhhh...) deep tissue massage along with electrical stem, and with the aid some very helpful and timely pharmaceuticals dispensed by my doctor, I am thinking I just might be able to get on that airplane tomorrow and depart for this magical destination:

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Hallelujah is all I can say!


  1. I'll be praying for you, a great vacation with no back pain.

  2. I had the WORST neck and back pain a few years ago, so I understand! Feel better.



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