Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

    Despite the fact that half of East Nashville was in on the secret, you saw this bride-to-be surprised in March with a wonderful engagement party (She Said Yes). We gave you glimpses of her bridemaids' luncheon (For the Bride-to-Be) and the preparation leading up to her special day (Some Promises Are Not Hard to Keep), so I would sell you short if I did not let you in on the beauty and the joy that radiated from this much beloved bride and groom on their wedding day. The bride has a iconoclastic sense of style that seamlessly blends the traditional with the modern...some might call it urban chic...but I call it simply Amy.
    All photos are from the very artistic and talented photographer Caroline Fontenont. You can find out all about her at

Check out the birdcage veil and custom designed necklace. The Bride's dress was ivory,
her sash was pewter colored
and the bridesmaids wore dark dusty blue, almost navy.
She wore glam beaded sandals for the wedding and 
then changed into her dancing shoes...
Converse of course!

Legislative Plaza was the outdoor wedding locale; the reception was up
the steps in the War Memorial Auditorium.

The Wedding Party

The Venue from another angle

I love this shot with the city lights in the background!
If you know Nashville, you know where this was taken!
And this one as well

Relaxed and Happy

Rocking the Reception

And the final benediction to the wonderful evening came in the form of the majestic sunset 
captured here. We are all sure that Amy's mother requested this special 
"heavenly" touch for her only daughter on her wedding day...

Thanks again to Caroline Fontenot for allowing me to use these beautiful images


  1. What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing. a conclusion to a wonderful series. Miss you!


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