Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little One Goes to the Beach and much more ...

So everyone says that taking a trip with a child is very different, but I promise you do not understand until it is reality! Our family had the joy of joining my husband's family on a beach trip. We packed up the day the flood started (we did not know it would continue to rain non-stop for two more days) and headed to Northern Florida. We had 5 children ... yes 5 children 5 years and under staying in one house. It was chaotic but wonderful. The cousins loved on Little One so much and played like there was no tomorrow. There is something so precious about watching children play in the sand and dive in the water. Their happiness and shock at new things was contagious. They squealed with delight when catching crabs, spurted water out when staying under water too long, and zonked out after a day of swimming. All this to say, the beach trip was a success.

Little One loved her raft in the pool, enjoyed digging her toes in the sand, and enjoyed the waves crashing while being held by mom or dad.

We got to visit BaBa -- Little One's Great Grandmother.

Little One enjoying avocado with dad @ the Beach house.
Little One playing with Uncle J. and learning about baseball.
There is nothing like a kiss from GiGi!
Little One loves watching her cousins and cannot wait to join in on the fun.
Loving the beach ... or loving my toy frog with the beach in the background.
Dad saw this and said, "No one told me I was really white."
Mom is not sure that she wants to go home after sitting near the Gulf.

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  1. FUN, fun, fun. She is cuter than a button. I need to hold her!!!


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