Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring is Here!

We had an eventful March and early April. Little One was baptized (actually end of February), I finished my month back at work, Little One and I went on a Girl's Weekend with college and high school friends, we went to some dear friend's wedding, our family hosted a surprise engagement party for another dear friend, and we celebrated Little One's first Easter.

Little One and I are loving the Spring weather and try to walk several times a week. Little One continues to be very social, smiles a lot and babbles just like her mom. She recently started sitting up with minimal assistance and seems to be really proud of herself. She has not really liked rolling over so I was excited when she started sitting up. Being a mother can be humbling as you want your child to be ahead of the curve, just the right size, and smarter than even children older than her. The Lord is teaching me to rest in His love and know that He has created her to be just how He wants Little One to be. I will not lie, it is a struggle to not compare, but I want to learn this lesson early!

My favorite time is walking into her room in the morning as she talks to herself. I peer over the crib and she gives a smile that uses her entire body. We then play for around an hour upstairs. This is her prime. I am so thankful to be able to enjoy these moments at this time in her life. I am so in love with this girl! It also has been so sweet to watch her dad walk in after work and swoop her up into his arms. Don't get me wrong, we are exhausted but so blessed.

Here are some pictures of the last month. I took a bunch today so bear with the same bubble outfit as you will see a good bit of it!

4 Month Shot while wearing a dress from Aunt Janna.

Bath time with dad. Little One definitely laughs the most when Dad comes home.

Today, Little One enjoying her Easter basket from Mom and Dad.
Of course, Honey and Pappy gave her the "super basket" which will be posted later!

Just had to post this one as I love it!

Here is Little One sporting her socks and diaper.
She is so curious and wants everything in her mouth to find out what it is.

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