Monday, February 15, 2010

A Modeling Debut

    I thought The Daughter was the cat's meow when she starred in a made-for-television movie when she was but three years of age. (A special note: starring is of course, my interpretation and sadly, not the opinion that the director or other actors would share.) I think The Daughter appeared in a grand total of three scenes in the movie and in one of them she actually fell asleep on camera. However, her enduring claim to fame was that the movie starred none other than Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. While I used to be somewhat embarrassed about the fact that the actors were not more tried and true Hollywood types, I have long since gotten over my angst as these particular country stars are now enjoying an almost iconic status these days. The Daughter and I also chuckled not too long ago to find a DVD of the movie on a sale table in Wal-Mart. I guess that's where old not-so-good B- movies go to die.
The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James
   Thus compared to her mother's short-lived career, I am sure that Little One is destined for certain fame. She is making her debut as a clothing model for a sweet friend's Etsy store: Oh my gosh! Etsy! Etsy puts even Wal-Mart to shame! Little One will have world-wide exposure on an unrivaled (at least by her mother's) scale.
   Seriously, you should check out the offering's on this friend's store. The first time I visited her home, I felt that I had gone to sleep and woken up inside a dream. If one of Tasha Tudor's fairytales came to life, it might look just like her house. This artist has the gift of creating vignette's and putting things together "just so." Her Etsy site bears witness to some of the whimsy, creativity, and charm that fill her home. Shop and enjoy! And take a gander at the world's most precious baby model to come down the pike in a while!
Little One in the precious hip designer monogrammed onesie 
and hip designer ruffled pants!

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  1. You are more than welcome to link to us:) I love to read your should really write a book with some of your stories from growing up--they are wonderful. And, I could eat E up!!!


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