Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Big Snow!

   In years gone by we would average at least one good snowfall each year. It was something we all anticipated, some with dread and some with joy, but there was always some level of excitement that ran like a live wire through our community when the "big snow" was predicted. It has been a seven year drought. We have had our flurries here and there with perhaps some modicum of accumulation and even though the schools might have been closed (who am I kidding...they were all closed), there was really not enough snow to generate all of the excitement. But last week, God opened up the storehouse and the snow came drifting down. It was a beautiful snowfall and even though the temperatures were very cold, we had very little humidity which meant that you could actually go out and play in the stuff. And play we did. The best part of snow is that it allows you to channel your inner child. A couple of my sons had fun teaching their father the ins and outs of backyard snowboarding, but suffice it to say that he is definitely not ready for any slopes yet. I particularly love it when the younger ones get to teach the older or better yet, the younger ones get to teach the elderly! The snow is gone now, but definitely not forgotten.

A little backyard snowboarding
A trial run sitting down

There Pappy goes with Phoebe the Westie following close behind...

Phoebe is not so sure about Pappy's next attempt

Son #2 demonstrating the finer points of technique. Pappy assures him he has it under control.
Phoebe was right to be worried.
It is tough to teach old dogs new tricks.

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