Sunday, December 27, 2009

Little One's First Christmas: JOY

It is amazing how quickly Little One's first Christmas has come and gone. My family is thankful for so much this season. The Lord has truly blessed us, and we want to remember that the Lord is present in the times of want and the times of plenty. It has been a hard few months for my family and my husband's. We felt joy unknown to us with the birth of Little one and then so much grief with the loss of Mom Peg (Husband's Grandmother) and LouLou (my Great-Grandmother). There have been many tears. It was refreshing to just feel Joy this past month. I am grateful for this feeling as it is not always this way.

Here is a bit of what our month looked like:

We started the month with buying our tree.

We decorated.

We then celebrated with a party at our house. Yes, a party with a 5 week old baby is always interesting. Honey and my husband helped me so much.

Little One went to Honey's along with two uncles (Uncle Bear and Uncle Brother) and baked some cookies.

We celebrated with GiGi and family the Sunday before Christmas. GiGi was so generous and her house was filled with presents and joy.

We celebrated Christmas with the PaP., YaYa and family on Christmas Eve day. YaYa and JuJu cooked a feast, and PaP. gave his amazing assortment of gifts (candles, door stopper, slippers, crazy pacifier for Eloise are just a few of the gifts).

We then celebrated Christmas with the Pappy, Honey, and family on Christmas Eve night. There were so many laughs that night starting with the family attempting to make faces that are genetically impossible (see info below) and the Snuggie gift from Honey and Pappy.

Modeling of the Snuggie can be viewed on the previous post.

Little One is able to raise one eyebrow and frown. We learned this is a gift from her father and not the White family. Here is dad's ability and her Uncie's failed attempt ... mine was much worse and thankfully not captured on film.

Christmas night, Dad, Uncle Brother, Uncle Bear, Pappy and I went to the Titan's game while Honey watched Little One. It was tough leaving Little One on Christmas night but dad convinced me that 1.Little One would not remember and 2. Little One would love some time with Honey. He got me there even though I froze. That evening I ended up having a bad virus, went to the hospital the next morning to get fluids and now am back at home.

Now, we are trying to put away the many gifts and get back to the normal pace of life. It has been a whirlwind but my favorite Christmas thus far. Little One is a gift that I could never have imagined.

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