Monday, January 20, 2014

The Big Reveal

    In the modern era, it is more common than not for couples to find out the gender of their baby before the birth occurs. It was not even an option for The Husband and me in three of my pregnancies and by the time we got to our fourth, we already had two boys and a girl, so finding out the sex of the baby beforehand was not of prime importance. In my own case, I can readily testify that learning whether you have given birth to a boy or girl at the moment of delivery is possibly the most wonderful surprise in life. However, today it seems that the vast majority of couples want to know ahead of time. And since technological advances have given us a window into the womb, if my children choose to find out the gender of their baby and are willing to share the news with us, then I am more than happy to forego the element of surprise.
   My eldest son and daughter-in-law planned a "gender reveal" for us the week before Christmas that proved to be a lot of fun. The plan was for both immediate families, his and hers, to gather at our house and enjoy a meal together. After the meal, my daughter-in-law promised that we would soon learn whether the grandbaby would be a boy or a girl.
    Here's how it played out. The two grandmothers had the honor of cutting the delicious homemade cake which contained a surprise. You can tell that we are just a wee bit excited.
 Those are the parents-to-be standing by to see our reaction.
In case you are wondering, we can't really tell anything yet...
 I'm still in the dark here...
 Can you tell that the other grandmother has figured it out?! I love her joy.
 Ahh...there is the proof. Our grandbaby will be a BOY!
I am hoping that May will get here sooner than later. 
I can't wait to meet this precious little one.
There are also some other little people in our family 
who are eagerly awaiting the arrival 
of a new cousin.
However, I think the biggest attraction that night was the idea of getting to eat some cake!
Recapping the moment!
Momma-to-be with her Momma!
The granddaddy-to-be and his girl!
Momma-to-be and her siblings!
The Daddy-to-be and his siblings sans one son-in-law...

And finally, here's the lovely couple with both sets of grandparents!

No matter the number of grandchildren, the joy is the same. Love has a marvelous
way of multiplying itself like a cup running over with the addition to the family of each little one.
We feel so very blessed.
I am mindful of the scripture I prayed before this first-born son of ours came into the world,
For this child I prayed and the Lord hath granted me the petition
I made unto Him, therefore, as long as he lives, he shall be given unto the Lord.
May it be so with the life of this little one.

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