Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update on Little Three!

   My, my, how time flies when you are having fun...and that's precisely what Little Three is all about...having fun! He is a laidback, happy baby who shares the joy from his storehouse of love that is filled with a seemingly endless supply. Without a doubt, this boy is a charmer of the first order and an incorrigible flirt!
   I expect he will be crawling, no, make that running, very soon. He can roll over like nobody's business, loves to sit up by himself, and stand and bounce in his exersaucer. While he can also totally amuse himself, he is nonetheless is an incredibly social baby. He enjoys watching others eat and will mimic the moves that said people make when chewing their food. It's hilarious!
   Little Three has been vocal for months now and is starting to string his vowels together. It's a toss up whether "Baabaa Bye Bye" or "Mmmmama" will be his first word. Of course, these are all signs of a remarkable baby. But according to Nonna and Pappy, that's the only kind we have around here. Here is a glimpse of sheer adorableness! And to think he is not yet six months old!

The sweetest baby kisses!

When he laughs, he closes his eyes...
definitely a family trait!

Oh, and did I mention that he totally adores his Momma?!

Or that this Nonna is totally smitten with this boy!
Little Three turns me to mush!

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