Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time to Party the Night Away

    The Bride and Groom wanted the reception at the restored tobacco warehouse to be a relaxed and fun affair. It was. The Bride had the vendor string Italian lights and paper lanterns in green, yellow, and white in keeping with her spring color palette. It was vibrant and joyful. Each table had different vignettes of vintage items that made for an eclectic and interesting mix. Vintage bottles. Antique cameras and keys. Locks. Old silver. Lanterns. Birdcages. Books. Leather suitcases. The Bride had painstakingly assembled everything in the months before and then she and her mother had a party to pull everything together. Each table design was carefully documented with photographs, labeled carefully, and placed in numbered boxes. It was exciting on the eve of the wedding to see The Bride's creative vision suddenly come to life.


 The Groom was in charge of the band. He selected one that played "their" kind of music, whatever that is. They loved it.

Now they have photo booths at weddings. Apparently it is a lot of fun. The Husband and I never made it over there, I am sad to say.

You put kids in photo booths and funny things happen.

 Especially kids in grown up bodies.

It was a wonderful wedding, a wonderful party, and a happy day for a brand new Mr. and Mrs.!
All of the photographs on here were taken by the amazing Amber Beckham.
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