Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

     This morning was a special time. The Mom arrived to find The Daughter and Little One sitting on the porch awaiting an early morning visit. Little One positively gurgled with joy when she saw The Mom, but lest you think that she is someone extraordinarily special....Little One gurgles with joy when she sees nearly everyone, including total strangers. However, there is nothing better than a full body shaking gurgling welcome replete with a toothless grin.
     Here is a shot of Honey and Eloise playing together on the floor. You can't tell from this shot, but Honey is definitely having the most fun!
        The great thing about The Daughter's community (affectionately known as East Nasty) is that people actually sit on their porches, visit with their neighbors, and have friends stop by at various times during the day. Unfortunately The Mom and The Husband are firmly ensconced in middle class suburbia where she (not he) daily dreams of living one day in a place where sidewalks are the norm and are hopefully not just there for the wheelchairs of the elderly.
     Here are a few friends who came calling to visit The Daughter this week and to "sit a spell" on the porch.
Y and Q love Little One and the love is mutual!

Little One and The Boy hanging out (remember the pic of them several months ago?)
The Daughter had a glimpse of what life is like for moms with twins (whew!) when she kept this not-so-little one who is more than a month younger than Little One. The Boy never stopped moving except for this picture. He and Little One had a great time but kept The Daughter on her toes. It is a good thing that The Boy is relatively laid-back because Little One stole every toy he brought with him. She has not yet learned to share or respect another's property.
      Finally, Little One has reached the 7-month mark. She also went back-yard swimming for the first time. Life is full of new adventures. Little One must be distantly related to a billy goat because she loves to chew paper of any kind. Other relatives might be amphibians as she definitely has those froggy legs going! Check out this curly headed beauty who has stolen Honey's heart.

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