Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Is the Day that the Lord Hath Made

    All through the night last night my thoughts and even my dreams were drawn toward my grandmother. After I received the call from my sister this morning, I know why. The veil has thinned almost to the point of transparency and after 103 years upon this earth my precious Lou Lou is about to see her Lord and Savior (the Dear Lawd as she lovingly referred to him) face to face. It will be a glorious moment and part of me wishes I could be there to see her as she enters through those glorious gates and into the light. No more darkness after battling almost total blindness for many years. No more infirmity after breaking her hip this past spring only to find herself confined to a wheelchair and then to a bed. No more struggling to remember with a mind that has grown dim and foggy where once it was so sharp and wise. No more sorrow, no more grief, no more pain.She will be like Him. And she will enter into a glorious inheritance that has been set aside for her. All because He called her unto Himself with loving kindness.
     And I know even now that He is drawing very close to that hospital bed in that nursing home in Geneva, Alabama. He has his eye on his beloved daughter who is resting on that bed. He is longing to take her up into His arms and usher her into all that He has prepared for her. My heart is torn. I will miss this tiny 4'll" woman of incredible strength and vitality who taught me poetry, a love of family and an appreciation of beauty in the world surrounding me. I ache for my own Momma who has been my grandmother's right hand for so many of the years. It will be a loss that will pierce us all deeply. But though the night is upon us, the dawning of the day is bright and clear. One of my grandmother's favorite scriptures has always been the familiar, "This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." I can hear her saying it even now. More than likely this is the Day appointed for Louise Frances Brooks Rushing and before it closes, I know that she will be rejoicing in a way that she has never known before. I will miss her terribly but I would not hold her back for a second from the glories that await her....Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor mind conceived all that He has prepared for those that love Him...and that is you precious, LouLou...

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